PAKISTAN GETS SERIOUS….Last month The New Republic reported that Pakistani officials were under pressure from the Bush administration to find some al-Qaeda bad guys before the election. What’s more, a high-profile capture during the Democratic convention would be really great.

Sure enough, on the last day of the convention the Pakistanis announced they had captured an al-Qaeda terrorist who was one of the FBI’s most wanted.

Then, on Monday, we learned that the heightened security alert in New York was due to information on a laptop computer that had been taken from a captured al-Qaeda terrorist after a 25-hour gun battle in mid-July ? in Pakistan.

The Pakistanis sure as busy. I wonder why they couldn’t do this in the summer of 2002. And the summer of 2003. Why did we wait until the summer of 2004 to put the screws on them?

And how many more miraculous captures of al-Qaeda operatives by the Pakistanis can we look forward to between now and November 2? The question kind of answers itself, doesn’t it?

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