A MAN OF DESTINY….I’ve been wondering for a while who the Illinois Republican party would get to run against Barack Obama now that Jack Ryan has dropped out of the Senate race there. They tried Mike Ditka, and that was a no-go, and then Ted Nugent, which was a joke. And then Obama gave that killer speech at the Democratic convention and it became even more obvious that anyone who ran against him was going to be trounced. What kind of meathead would be up for a suicide run?

The answer, of course, was obvious, although it didn’t occur to me: someone with a huge ego who cares only about getting his face on TV as often as possible ? and doesn’t care much about actually winning. And since Ralph Nader was already busy running for president, that could only mean Alan Keyes.

Keyes, of course, is a famous loon, which makes him perfect for the job since no sane person would take it. And just think: the citizens of Illinois get three months of priceless entertainment, and the U.S. Senate gets Barack Obama. Everybody wins!

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