WHO OUTED KHAN?….Juan Cole is listening to CNN and says Wolf Blitzer had a report a few minutes ago about the al-Qaeda double agent whose identity was revealed on Monday:

Blitzer then revealed that he had discussed the Khan case with US National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice on background. He reported that she had admitted that the Bush administration had in fact revealed Khan’s name to the press. She said she did not know if Khan was a double agent working for the Pakistani government. (!!!)

I’m not sure why Blitzer ratted out Rice if she was speaking on background, but who cares? If Blitzer is right, it means that it was indeed the U.S. who blew Khan’s cover, and if Rice is well informed, it means that it was done without even knowing that the Pakistanis were still using him.

I’m a little surprised that Rice would say something like this, so I think I’ll wait for further confirmation on this story. But it sure looks pretty rank at the moment.

UPDATE: In comments, Baseballgirl clears up Blitzer’s remarks about Rice:

She said it on screen. She said that Khan’s name was given to the media ‘on background’ by the Administration. Wolf didn’t “out her”, she outed herself.

That’s better. I’m still surprised Rice would admit this, though.

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