ALEXANDER THE MEDIOCRE….A few days ago, Louisiana congressman Rodney Alexander switched parties from Democrat to Republican. He did this 30 minutes before the filing deadline in order to prevent another Democrat from filing in his district and running against him.

Pretty sleazy. Not only did Alexander screw both the Democratic party and his Democratic supporters, who had helped him get into office, but he also screwed the poor schmoe who was planning to run against him as a Republican and is now being pressured to drop out of the race.

But things have a way of working out. The day after Alexander defected, his entire office staff resigned en masse. His consultants resigned too. And now, according to The Stakeholder (the blog of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee), a resident has filed a lawsuit to get Alexander tossed off the ballot completely. It turns out that he filed once as a Democrat and then a few days later as a Republican, but Louisisana law doesn’t allow candidates to amend their ballot qualification once it’s been filed. As a result, he might be forced off the ballot entirely.

That would certainly bring tears ? of laughter ? to my eyes. Could it possibly happen to a more deserving guy? MyDD has more.