WOULDA COULDA SHOULDA….Here’s the latest brainstorm from the politically independent and free-of-pressure Central Intelligence Agency:

Having failed to find banned weapons in Iraq, the CIA is preparing a final report on its search that will speculate on what the deposed regime’s capabilities might have looked like years from now if left unchecked, according to congressional and intelligence officials.

The CIA plans for the report, due next month, to project as far as 2008 what Iraq might have achieved in its illegal weapons programs if the United States had not invaded the country last year, the officials said.

Due next month, eh? I guess that leaves October open for a new CIA report speculating on how the missile defense system being rushed into operation in time for the election might hypothetically avert nuclear devastation in a hypothetical war with Iran and North Korea in 2008 hypothetically assuming the missile defense shield actually worked. Not that they’re trying to make a political point or anything.

I just want to shoot myself sometimes.

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