MY VERSION OF CONVENTION COVERAGE….Overwhelmingly, liberal bloggers seem to feel that if they watch the Republican convention speakers any longer they will explode. So they aren’t. Even the ones who are specifically in New York to cover the convention can’t stand it and are mostly hanging out and just chatting with each other.

Pussies. I just watched Bill Frist for, um, must have been ten minutes at least. He uses his hands a lot when he talks, doesn’t he? Must be that surgical training. I don’t quite remember what he said, though, aside from him being a doctor and all. My wife, whose instincts are a bit more sympathetic to conservatives than mine, mumbled something about “snake oil salesman,” and then suddenly switched gears and said that she sure lost a lot of respect for Rudy Giuliani last night.

I didn’t catch Rudy’s act last night because I was busy cleaning out the cat box, but I guess it must have been a humdinger, eh? But I’m afraid he lost at least one vote for his 2008 presidential bid.

Oh, hey, Arnold is on. Gotta go.

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