DEMOCRATS AWOL?….Michael Crowley wonders what’s going on with the Democratic party response to the Republican convention:

Where are the Democrats? In Boston, the Republicans had a strikingly aggressive rapid-response operation, complete with website, daily press conferences, and a nonstop barrage of obnoxious emails ridiculing the Democrats….The DNC by contrast has had almost no profile here in New York….I’ve seen little coverage of the DNC’s activities here in Boston. And from what I’ve seen on cable this week, the party hasn’t delivered a very impressive lineup of spokesmen to ding the GOP’s convention message.

Over at Tapped, Matt Yglesias does some investigative reporting on this by heading over to the DNC’s convention response office and reports that Crowley is on target: “While I wouldn’t say the office was empty, it was pretty, well, empty.”

Look, as a lone blogger sometimes I just wake up in a bad mood and that means I don’t post much that day. But what excuse does a big professional organization like the DNC have? This is just bizarre behavior.

UPDATE: Garance Franke-Ruta has the official DNC response here. Count me as unimpressed.

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