MORE BUSH DOCS?….The tireless Paul Lukasiak has posted another new document related to George Bush’s National Guard service: an agreement Bush signed in 1968 stating that he would serve for a minium of five years after completion of undergraduate pilot training. It appears to be genuine, although Paul doesn’t name his source for it.

So what does this mean? A copy of Form AF-475 in Bush’s files indicates that Bush completed a 53-week course titled “Undergraduate Pilot Training T-41/T-37/T-38” on November 26, 1969, which implies that his five-year commitment ended on November 26, 1974. He was discharged from the Texas ANG in October 1973 and from ORS on November 21, 1974.

There’s nothing obviously wrong with that, although the analysis can get a bit byzantine if you dig more deeply into it. The real question is: why isn’t this agreement in the document dump that the White House released last February?

Wasn’t that supposed to include everything? Is anything else missing?

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