INTERNET FAME: A MODEST PROPOSAL….Edward_ at Obsidian Wings laments that a Google search for “Obsidian Wings” nets only 33,000 hits compared to 127,000 for David Brooks. Actually, though, that strikes me as pretty decent, considering how long Brooks has been around and how many high-profile outlets he has for his writing.

But that made me curious, so I entered “Kevin Drum.” Result: 143,000 hits. Not bad!

And that in turn gave me an idea: I propose that we formalize this as a measure of Internet Fame (IF): 127,000 Google hits is equal to one “brooksie.” By that measure, here’s how various people rate:

  • Obsidian Wings: .26 brooksies

  • Daniel Drezner: .69 brooksies

  • Kevin Drum: 1.13 brooksies

  • Paul Krugman: 1.15 brooksies

  • Atrios: 2.06 brooksies

  • Instapundit: 4.35 brooksies

  • George Bush: 25.51 brooksies

  • Britney Spears: 34.25 brooksies

People with very low internet presences would have to measure their IF in millibrooksies. My mother, for example, has an IF of 2.7 mb.

So: what ISO committee do I need to talk to in order to get this officially adopted? After all, there are bound to be a few minor technical details to be worked out….

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