INDEFENSIBLE….Today, Jon Chait discusses a tax bill so grotesque that even the corporate lobbyists who were responsible for larding it up in the first place seem to be feeling a little guilty over the whole thing. He thinks it’s a metaphor for what’s really wrong with Bush and his cronies:

A normal administration would have some smart policy geeks in a position to prevail on the president to veto such a bill. That’s what’s so uniquely awful about this administration. It would never occur to anybody in power to veto a bill simply because it was indefensible.

Indeed it wouldn’t. In fact, my guess is that Bush could probably sue someone for trademark infringement for using the word “indefensible” without permission.

Elsewhere on the LA Times op-ed page, Juan Cole’s Wednesday blog post about conditions in Iraq was picked up and printed right next to Chait’s column. It’s nice to see op-ed editors mining the best of the blogosphere for compelling pieces.

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