DO THE RIGHT THING….From Laura Rozen, after reprinting a piece about the popularity of beheading DVDs amid the ever growing chaos and anarchy in Baghdad:

This is almost unspeakably grim. Bush has turned Iraq into Lebanon, and he’s running his election on this masking-taped Potemkin village of a liberated Iraq heading joyfully for elections that’s all coming apart at the edges.

….You should hear the total condemnation of Bush’s national security team I am hearing from Republican foreign policy hands I am interviewing for a forthcoming piece.

I’m looking forward to Laura’s piece, of course, but why do I have to wait? Why aren’t these Republicans loudly and publicly condemning George Bush’s national security team now if that’s the way they feel?

Criticizing your own side isn’t easy, but I think there are an awful of Republicans who are going to have a hard time living with themselves a few years down the road if they don’t speak up now. Time is running out to do the right thing.