NORQUIST THE SCHMUCK….Conservative ?ber-geek Grover Norquist talks about the generation of Americans who enacted the New Deal and fought World War II:

This is an age cohort that voted for a draft before the war started, and allowed the draft to continue for 25 years after the war was over. Their idea of the legitimate role of the state is radically different than anything previous generations knew, or subsequent generations.

Before that generation, whenever you put a draft in, there were draft riots. After that generation, there were draft riots. This generation? No problem. Why not? Of course the government moves people around like pawns on a chessboard. One side spits off labor law, one side spits off Social Security. We will all work until we’re 65 and have the same pension. You know, some Bismark, German thing, okay? Very un-American.

So Grover Norquist thinks that the Depression-era generation and the World War II vets who voted for increased labor protection, Social Security, and the WWII draft were “un-American.” As Timothy Noah says, “Can you believe this schmuck?”

Unfortunately, yes I can.

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