DRED SCOTT UPDATE….So was “Dred Scott” really code for “Roe v. Wade” in last Friday’s debate? Peter Wallsten of the LA Times tracks down the answer:

“It was a poignant moment, a very special gourmet, filet mignon dinner,” said the Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, chairman of the Traditional Values Coalition, a prominent conservative advocacy group based in Washington. “Everyone knows the Dred Scott decision and you don’t have to stretch your mind at all. When he said that, it made it very clear that the ’73 decision was faulty because what it said was that unborn persons in a legal sense have no civil rights.”

Sheldon, who said he confers frequently with Bush and his senior campaign advisors on outreach to religious conservatives, though not in this instance, credited the use of Dred Scott with raising the abortion issue to “a very high level” and “back to the front burner.”

“It didn’t just slip out by accident,” Sheldon said.

Read the whole thing to learn more about George Bush’s use of red state code words. Sometimes I feel like that poor schmoe in Airplane who needs a jive interpreter….

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