NEWS OF THE WEIRD, CONTINUED….I forgot to mention this last night, but there was something odd about the right corner of George Bush’s mouth last night, wasn’t there? James Bennet of the New York Times noticed:

Yet even his smile was askew for about half the debate, marred by a glistening light dot at the right corner of his mouth. Viewers could be forgiven for losing track of his answers and imagining Laura Bush in the front row in frantic semaphore, wiping furiously at the corner of her own mouth.

(That’s Bush’s left side as seen by TV viewers, of course.)

But it couldn’t have been just a random bit of spittle, not if it was there for nearly an hour. So what was it? And that wasn’t the only curiosity of the evening. Over at the Kerry blog, a lip reader named Boult said this:

at the end of debate where Kerry and Bush shook hands.. Bush was asking Kerry, Can I talk to you later tonight? Kerry said sure then Bush said where would you be? I missed what Kerry said.

I wondered what Bush wanted to talk to Kerry about??

Um, what’s going on here? This is some serious weirdness.

I haven’t seen any photos of the Bush bulge, though. Was it still there last night?

UPDATE: Yep, the bulge is still there. Salon is on it.

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