TNR ENDORSES KERRY….If you happen to be a liberal who’s nonetheless planning to vote for George Bush based on his hawkish foreign policy, go read the hawkish New Republic’s endorsement of John Kerry first.

Bottom line: Bush simply doesn’t understand the true nature of our war against radical Islamic terrorism, and his approach over the past three years has largely made things worse, not better. He has lost the support of our allies, he has made us hated in the Muslim world, he has polarized the American public, he has hideously mismanaged the war in Iraq, and he has done virtually nothing to genuinely promote democracy in the Middle East.

In John Kerry, conversely, we have a man who understands the nature of al-Qaeda and understands how best to defeat it. It’s not possible to know how effective he’ll be, of course, but at least he knows what we’re up against. As TNR says, George Bush “has failed the challenge of these momentous times. John Kerry deserves a chance to do better.”

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