CHALABI YET AGAIN….Via Digby, a Knight Ridder story today about al-Qaqaa contains the following priceless nugget:

Al Qaqaa was on a classified list of Iraqi weapons facilities that the CIA provided to Pentagon and military officials before the invasion, said the U.S. intelligence official.

But when the Pentagon and U.S. Central Command produced their own list of sites that a limited number of U.S. “exploitation teams” should search, priority was given to those identified by exiled Iraqi opposition groups, he said. Al Qaqaa wasn’t one of them.

“The top of the list was dominated by nuclear facilities and places where we expected to find chemical and biological weapons,” he said. “Iraqi exiles had a very heavy hand in determining which places got looked at first.”

There is, it seems, literally no end to the damage that Ahmed Chalabi has done to American security. No end.

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