GETTING OUT THE VOTE….How much better is the ground operation in swing states this year compared to 2000? This Washington Post story gives the answer: it’s like a 747 compared to a DC-3. Here are a few representative figures:

  • The Republican budget for voter mobilization is $125 million, triple what it was in 2000.

  • The Democratic budget for voter mobilization is $60 million, double what it was in 2000. In addition, ACT is spending about $100 million for Kerry-friendly voter operations.

  • Democrats have about 250,000 volunteers, compared with 90,000 four years ago.

  • Four years ago, Bush employed 22 paid staff members in Florida. This year, he has 500 on the payroll. In Ohio, Democrats had 10 field offices and 40 staff members. This year, Democrats have 57 field offices in the state and 270 paid employees.

It makes you wish political parties could run the country as well as they run campaigns, doesn’t it?

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