PRETTY CLEAN ELECTION (SO FAR)….Here’s some good news: as near as I can tell from scannng the web, surfing the news channels, and reading email from folks like PFAW, this year’s election is looking pretty clean. There are a few problems with voting equipment, but not many; the Republican challengers aren’t actually challenging very many voters; and dirty tricks from both sides are fairly minimal.

Now, there’s no question some of this stuff is happening, and it’s good that people are paying attention to it, but overall it doesn’t look much worse than any other recent presidential election. (So far!)

So: after a brutal, divisive, and polarizing campaign that’s now over a year old, we’re still able to hold a clean, peaceful election that’s attracted record turnout. What’s more, a lot of those voters are willing to wait hours to vote, no one is dropping out of line, and the mood in the lines seems almost more festive than anything else.

That’s pretty cool.

(And if you haven’t voted yet, go do it! Regardless of which party you belong to, go vote!)

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