CONDI FOR PRESIDENT?….Here are a few excerpts from a profile of Condi Rice in the LA Times today:

Rice’s ability to become an almost clone-like extension of the president ? to understand what he wants, to make her only agenda his agenda and to carry out his wishes with unfailing loyalty ? has made her invaluable.

….Wherever she goes and whomever she’s talking to, admirers and critics agreed, Rice has exercised unusual power because she has had only one agenda and spoken in only one voice: the president’s.

….”She is remarkably effective in being a very attractive mirror for whomever she is working with,” said a foreign policy specialist who had known Rice for 20 years and who spoke on condition of anonymity.

I just wanted to lay this out for all those members of the Condi fan club who think she would be a great candidate for president in 2008. “Clone-like extension” and “attractive mirror” are not the phrases that usually leap to mind when I think of presidential candidates.

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