OUT OF POWER….Good news and bad news this morning. The good news: to my surprise, that little UPS I bought a couple of years ago works. The bad news: my neightborhood has been without power since last night. And the UPS beeps annoyingly for a full hour while its batteries drain away.

Luckily, I had just gotten our propane tank filled up, so dinner was no problem. Missed last night’s episode of Lost, though. Listened to it on the radio instead. It’s not as good without pictures, is it? So what does that Danielle person look like? Is she hot?

After the evening’s “television” was over, we read in bed for a while until our flashlight batteries gave out. The cats took the whole thing calmly ? although some broken crockery during the evening demonstrates that feline night vision isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. This is our second power outage in a month. Maybe I’ll go out later and buy a Coleman lantern or something for the next time Southern California Edison decides to turn us into a third-world outpost.

Today’s task: clearing out the refrigerator.

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