YES, YOU’RE BEING WATCHED….Quiz question of the day: Which of these famous institutions has the most data?

A. Wal-Mart
B. The entire internet

The fact that I’m asking the question at all probably makes the answer obvious. Details here.

UPDATE: False alarm! John Berry, VP of Engineering for the Internet Archive, emails to say that their site alone has about 1000 terabytes of information online, compared to Wal-Mart’s 460 terabytes.

Google supposedly has 5,000 terabytes of hard drive space in its server farm.

UC Berkeley’s School of Information Management and Systems estimated last year that the total amount of information accessible via the internet was about 100,000 terabytes.

In other words, unless you take a very restricted view of the size of the internet (for example, limiting yourself to static public web pages), Wal-Mart is just a blip on the horizon.