AFFIRMATIVE ACTION UPDATE….The LA Times reports on the latest affirmative action outrage:

When admissions officers for Santa Clara University recruit new freshmen, they do their best to reach the kind of students they’d like to see more of on the Silicon Valley campus: boys.

“We make a special pitch to them to talk about the benefits of Santa Clara, as we do for other underrepresented groups,” Charles Nolan, Santa Clara’s vice provost for admissions, said of the school’s efforts to boost male applicants.

….Vincent Garcia, a college counselor at the Los Angeles prep school Campbell Hall, said liberal arts colleges, especially, can be “more forgiving of the occasional B or even a C” from a boy. “Sometimes the expectation is a little bit less” than for girls, he said.

….an applicant’s sex is “one of many factors we take into account in the interest of bringing in a diverse class,” [William and Mary director of admissions Henry] Broaddus said. For this year’s freshmen class, 30% of male applicants were admitted, compared with 22% of female applicants.

I’m hopeful that the principled folks over at National Review will condemn this practice. And please: not just a desultory acknowledgment or two to prove you care. I expect a stream of outraged posts and crosstalk at least equal to the recent torrents about Arlen Specter, the lack of conservatives among humanities faculties, and the shocking tolerance of liberalism at the University of Chicago.

I’m counting on you, Cornerites. The eyes of the blogosphere are on you.