PLAME UPDATE….There’s not really much new here, but at least today’s Washington Post confirms that the Valerie Plame case is still being actively pursued. Apparently the big question is whether Bush administration officials leaked Plame’s name before or after the original Robert Novak column that made her name public:

In questioning reporters for The Washington Post, NBC and Time, prosecutors have shown a particular interest in the events of July 12, reporters and their attorneys have said. Word that Wilson’s wife worked at the CIA had by then circulated to some media organizations, though the origin of the information is not publicly known.

While Novak’s column did not run until Monday, July 14, it could have been seen by people in the White House or the media as early as Friday, July 11, when the Creators Syndicate distributed it over the Associated Press wire.

So if the White House folks ripped Novak’s column off the wire and then started working the phones, no problem. But if they were doing it before Novak made Plame’s name public, they’re in trouble.

Of course, we still don’t know the two people who leaked to Novak in the first place. Tick, tick, tick….