DEMOCRACY AND WAR….I kinda hate to pick on Gregg Easterbrook so often, but he sure does say the weirdest things sometimes. Today he talks about the Allied victory in World War II:

When I ponder the twentieth century, one of the things that strikes me is that democracies turned out to be much better at fielding armies than dictatorships. In World War II, freedom beat dictatorship by a decisive margin in combat, even though dictatorship began the conflict with a significant advantage.

Why do Americans so routinely forget that the Soviet Union was on our side in World War II and fielded far more troops than the U.S. and Britain combined? If WWII had really been the dictatorships vs. the democracies ? basically, Germany/Japan/USSR vs. Britain/France/U.S. ? the democracies would have gotten their butts kicked.

I’m all for liberty and freedom, but let’s at least keep our history straight, OK?

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