BLOG EUPHORIA….I don’t mean any disrespect here, but do you suppose we could all keep our jaws firmly in place over the upcoming blog from Gary Becker and Richard Posner until they actually, you know, start blogging?

These are both sharp guys, and Posner in particular has a sharp tongue as well, and I hope their blog turns out to be great. But there are lots of sharp minds and even more sharp tongues out there, and that combination doesn’t always make for a great blog. Let’s wait and see how they do.

And one more thing: I sure hope they realize that a Nobel Prize doesn’t cut any ice with the blogosphere. It’s a rough world out here, guys….

UPDATE: Here’s an interesting question for the comment section: what well known person do you think would make a great blogger? Good bloggers tend to be acerbic, prolific, polemical, and good in short spurts. I think Richard Dawkins would be good, for example, whereas, say, an essayist like Tom Wolfe probably wouldn’t ? even though they’re both interesting people. Who else would be good?

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