YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK….I just love stories like this:

A majority of Metro directors [in Washington DC], who set policy for the region’s subway and bus system, say they have never ridden a Metrobus or can’t recall the last time they did. About half rarely or only occasionally ride the subway. And none is a daily passenger on either bus or train.

In interviews, 10 of the 12 board members characterized their use of Metrobus and Metrorail. Eight said they had either never ridden a Metrobus or could not recall the last time they had climbed aboard. Two members said they rarely rode the subway or could not recall the last time they had. Five said they rode occasionally.

All of the board members get a free SmarTrip card, but except for one guy they’ve all refused to release the travel records embedded on the cards. Why? Because they claimed it was highly personal information and that releasing it might undermine the public’s confidence that the data was kept private. Uh huh.

Crikey. What kind of nitwit agrees to sit on a board but then figures that it doesn’t matter if they have any personal experience with their own product? An idiot, that’s who. These guys need to get off their butts once in a while and take a ride on a bus. They might learn something.