CABINET RESHUFFLE UPDATE….Tommy Thompson has resigned as secretary of the Health and Human Services Department. We’re now up to eight cabinet resignations, with a ninth expected soon. UPDATE: Turns out Snow is staying, but Veterans Affairs Secretary Anthony Principi is leaving. So we’re now officially at nine resignations.

Here’s a scorecard:

  1. State: Resigned.

  2. Treasury: “Can stay as long as he wants, provided it is not very long.” Staying onboard after all!

  3. Defense: Rummy forever!

  4. Attorney General: Resigned.

  5. Interior: Gale Norton.

  6. Agriculture: Resigned.

  7. Commerce: Resigned.

  8. Labor: Elaine Chao.

  9. HHS: Resigned.

  10. HUD: Alphonso Jackson.

  11. Transportation: Norm Mineta.

  12. Energy: Resigned.

  13. Education: Resigned.

  14. Veterans Affairs: Resigned.

  15. Homeland Security: Resigned.

Only six left to go for a clean sweep!

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