“AS SOUND AS ANY SCIENTIST’S”….Via David Appell, Alaska’s solidly Republican congressional delegation has responded to the latest study on Arctic warming by saying that more (much more!) study is needed before concluding that human activity is responsible. However, Don Young gets the prize:

Alaska’s lone congressman, Republican Rep. Don Young, went so far as dismissing the major new report on Arctic climate change. He called it ammunition for fearmongers.

….”I don’t believe it is our fault. That’s an opinion,” Young said. “It’s as sound as any scientist’s.”

There you have it! There’s no need for all those boring, lengthy, scientific studies that have unanimously concluded that human activity is a primary cause of warming. Don Young’s opinion on this is every bit as sound as any research scientist’s.

I note that this is Don Young’s second appearance on this blog. His first one is here. I’m not sure which one ranks higher on the doofus scale, though.

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