BAD INTELLIGENCE….Dana Priest reports today that a CIA case officer is charging that he was harrassed and then fired because he refused to falsify reporting on Iraqi WMD:

The operative, who remains under cover, asserts in a lawsuit made public yesterday that a co-worker warned him in 2001 “that CIA management planned to ‘get him’ for his role in reporting intelligence contrary to official CIA dogma.”

The subject of that reporting has been blacked out by the CIA, and the word “Iraq” does not appear in the heavily redacted version of the legal complaint, but the remaining language and context make clear that the officer’s work related to prewar intelligence on Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction.

….In 2002, the lawsuit says, the CIA officer “attempted to report routine intelligence” from a human asset “but was thwarted by CIA superiors.” It goes on to say that he was subsequently approached by a senior desk officer “who insisted that Plaintiff falsify his reporting,” and that when he refused, the “management” of the CIA’s Counterproliferation Division ordered that he “remove himself from any further ‘handling’ ” of the unnamed asset, who is referred elsewhere in the document as “a highly respected human asset.”

For its part, the CIA claims he was fired for having sex with a female asset and stealing money intended to pay off informers. (The CIA doesn’t actually say that, mind you, but that’s the implication of the story.)

There may or may not be anything to this. But it’s worth following.