EMBARRASSING….In an op-ed explaining why Harry Reid was wrong to say that Justice Clarence Thomas is an “embarrassment,” Thomas Krannawitter reminds us today of exactly why Clarence Thomas is an embarrassment:

Thomas is one of the few jurists today, conservative or otherwise, who understands and defends the principle that our rights come not from government but from a “creator” and “the laws of nature and of nature’s God,” as our Declaration of Independence says, and that the purpose and power of government should therefore be limited to protecting our natural, God-given rights.

….The American people need to be reminded of the source of their rights and persuaded that limited government is good; that the principles of the Constitution ? which are the natural-law principles of the Declaration of Independence ? are timeless, not time-bound; that without those principles, the noble ends set forth in the Constitution’s preamble can never be achieved.

Coming from a priest or a preacher, this would be fine. Coming from a Supreme Court justice who’s supposed to interpret the constitution on secular grounds, it’s an embarrassment.

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