NEWS OF THE WEIRD….Remember the Madrid bombings just before the Spanish elections back in March? The incumbent government blamed the attacks on the Basque terrorist group ETA, even though the evidence pointed strongly toward al-Qaeda, and shortly afterward they were handily beaten by Jos? Luis Rodr?guez Zapatero’s Socialist party. The Socialists have contended ever since that the deception was deliberate.

So what’s been happening since then? A government inquiry, of course. Today Zapatero gave his testimony:

Se?or Zapatero said that it had been impossible to establish the truth because computer records had been destroyed.

Giving evidence under oath he said: ?In the Prime Minister?s office we did not have a single document or any data on computer because the whole Cabinet of the previous Government carried out a massive erasure.

?That means that we have nothing about what happened, information that might have been received, meetings or decisions that were taken from March 11 until March 14.?

And get this: not only did they erase every scrap of evidence about what they said and did in the four days before the election ? including email, computer records, backups, and paper documents ? they charged the cost of the erasure to the government. The newspaper El Pais reports that it cost 12,000 euros.

Damn. That’s chutzpah, isn’t it?

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