MERRY CHRISTMAS!….Attention wingers: the following story is for you.

I went to the grocery story today, and when I got to the front of the line I asked the cashier if they had any stamps. Holiday stamps, that is, since tonight is Christmas card addressing night.

“No, we used to have them, but we sent them back because people complained.”


“We just get whatever the post office sends us, and they sent us some regular stamps and some Christmas stamps. We ran out of the regular stamps and only had the holiday stamps left, and people got mad because that’s all we had. So we sent them back.”

They got mad?

“Yeah, because not everyone celebrates Christmas, you know, and the post office only has Christmas stamps this year.”

(Actually, this isn’t true. The USPS has Christmas stamps, Kwanzaa stamps, Hanukkah stamps, EID stamps, and Lunar New Year stamps. But I guess my local market only got the Christmas stamps.)

So now you don’t have any stamps at all?

“Yeah, sorry.”

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