BUSH AND SOCIAL SECURITY….Over at Tapped, Sam Rosenfeld provides a play-by-play of George Bush’s responses to questions about Social Security at today’s press conference:

The president got a tad petulant when fielding questions on Social Security. His emphatic response to any and all queries about his position on the subject was an indignant, righteous refusal to answer: ?You?re not going to get me to negotiate with myself,? he repeatedly told the perplexed reporters. ?I know what you?re trying to get me to do. You?re trying to get me to answer ?Why this,? ?why that,? to take positions ? don?t bother to ask me.? Rather than merely dodge the questions, Bush seemed intent on staking out an explicit, principled position in favor of dodging the question.

That’s our president! A man of principle in all things.