WORLD’S HARDEST QUIZ….Chris Bertram takes a look at this year’s version of the World’s Most Difficult Quiz and says, “A first scan leaves me with a single-figure score.” I’m impressed! A first scan also left me with a single-figure score, but that single digit was 2 (both in the sports category, oddly) and I’ll bet Chris’ was higher.

(Actually, a second scan gives me a score of at least 3, and possibly 5 or 6. That’s out of 180, mind you. If I went back and really tried, I still doubt that I could break out of single digits.)

OK, after a full scan, I got a firm score of 6 for the following answers:

  • St. Louis

  • Albert Einstein

  • Orson Welles

  • The Chicago Fire

  • Bjorn Borg

  • Roger Bannister

That’s 3.3%! Not bad!