A FOOL FOR A PATIENT….Should the FDA allow Merck to sell its cholesterol-lowering drug Mevacor without a prescription? Michelle Cottle thinks not:

As a nation, Americans are apparently too stupid (or stubborn) to recognize that Big Macs and Big Gulps aren’t the foundation of a healthy diet, but thanks to several gazillion dollars in direct-to-consumer drug advertising, we all consider ourselves experts in pharmacology.

….No matter what kind of qualifiers, disclaimers, and helpful tips Merck scrawls across Mevacor’s box (or, more likely, crams onto a package insert printed in type so tiny it will make your eyes bleed), a fair number of self-medicating geniuses will think that the best way to prevent heart disease is to take two Mevacor for every six pieces of fried chicken they plan to eat that night. Don’t laugh. It will happen and happen frequently.

That sounds about right.

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