DISCLOSURE….Since “full disclosure” is apparently the order of the day, I guess I’d better start that way. Let’s see now: I once wrote a post criticizing Markos Moulitsas Z?niga of Daily Kos, and he wasn’t very happy about it. What else? I think I spoke to him on the phone for a minute or two once. And the editors of the Monthly have met with him. Plus Markos has the same first name as the Monthly’s publisher. And he’s part Greek, like its editor.

I guess that’s it. That said, this manufactured story about Markos and Jerome Armstrong consulting for Howard Dean is pretty idiotic even by conservative hack standards. Kos announced he was working for Dean and had a disclaimer on his site about this for quite a while. For his part, Jerome actually quit blogging completely while he worked for Dean.

In other words, there’s nothing wrong with what they did. Nothing to explain. Period. It was all completely above board, and wingnut efforts to pretend that this is somehow a liberal version of the Armstrong Williams debacle are pathetic. Get a new horse, guys.