IRAQI ELECTION RESULTS….We finally have the results of the Iraqi election. Sort of:

  • Shia list: 48%

  • Kurdish parties: 26%

  • Iyad Allawi list: 14%

  • Others: 12%

The conventional interpretation of this is that the Shia list (the Sistani-endorsed religious slate) didn’t do as well as expected and the Kurds did a little better than expected. But what about the Sunnis?

Obviously, due to a combination of fear and boycotts, they did poorly. But how poorly? I can’t find a single story that explicitly spells out how many votes they got. Was that information not released? Or was it released but no one has bothered to add a few extra bullets to their summary tables? Even this more detailed listing from AP contains only a couple of additional results and doesn’t tell us anything about the overall Sunni vote.

Maybe I’m just in a bad mood this morning, but this bugs me. We should either get the full results or an explanation of why we’re not getting them. What’s the deal here?