USS JIMMY CARTER….For a fine example of the right wing’s continuing obsession over a man who hasn’t been in office for a quarter of a century, scroll though this morning’s comments over at The Corner about the upcoming commissioning of the USS Jimmy Carter, our newest attack submarine. It’s like being back in fourth grade.

Jimmy Carter, of course, is an actual Annapolis graduate who served on board submarines for seven years. During that time he served on one of the first nuclear submarines, the USS Seawolf, which makes it all the more fitting that the last of the Seawolf class of subs should be named after him. This contrasts with, say, Ronald Reagan, whose closest connection to an aircraft carrier was on a Hollywood sound stage.

Suck it up, guys. I know you don’t like Carter, but he was a fine naval officer, a president of the United States, and has done more good in his post-presidential career than probably any president in history. Show a little respect just this once. You can go back to your usual bellyaching next week.