GUNNER PALACE….Phil Carter saw a screening of the documentary Gunner Palace last night and raves about it today:

“Gunner Palace” does what no book, no news article, and no blog can do ? it makes the soldiers of 2-3 FA come alive for those experiencing the movie, in a way they could only do if they were in person.

….”Gunner Palace” stands alone for conveying a sense of how it feels to ride down a highway in Baghdad in an open HMMWV, looking at every bag on the side of the road as a potential IED, never knowing which one might explode. It may be said that this movie is crude, profane, and even obscene at times ? but so is war. “Gunner Palace” gives us a brutally honest view of this war from the perspective of our young men and women fighting it, and I can’t recommend this movie highly enough.

Acording to its website, Gunner Palace opens on March 4. Sounds like it’s worth seeing.

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