OOPS….Apparently we are having problems with Frank Gehry’s swoopy new steel-clad concert hall:

Construction crews are set to take a hand sander to some of the shimmering stainless steel panels that have wowed tourists and architecture lovers but have baked neighbors living in condominiums across the street.

Beams of sunlight reflected from the hall have roasted the sidewalk to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to melt plastic and cause serious sunburn to people standing on the street, according to a report from a consultant hired by the county.

….”I will just appreciate not having the glare,” said condo resident Jacqueline LaGrone, who said her air conditioning bill doubled during summer months since the Disney Hall opened and that she can’t use her patio.

“It’s about time,” said Sheila Nixon, a Department of Water and Power employee who regularly walks around the hall for exercise. “We feel like ants under a magnifying glass.”

Alternatively, maybe Christo could wrap it up in saffron colored burlap or something.