MORE CHOICEPOINT….Remember the ChoicePoint meltdown? They lost 135,000 personal records (so far, anyway) and would have kept the whole thing secret if it weren’t for the unlucky break that one state ? super-hyper-loony-lefty California ? had a law requiring disclosure.

Well, it turns out it’s not the first time. Surprised?

Scammers penetrated ChoicePoint Inc.’s vast online database of personal records five years ago in an operation similar to a more recent case that has triggered a national furor over privacy, court records show.

….That security breach, which received no public attention at the time…

No public attention indeed. Records like these are central to interstate commerce and well within Congress’ power to control. They should get off their butts and pass a fundamental overhaul. Nibbling around the edges isn’t going to stop this stuff.

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