Homeland Security is requiring immigrants in 8 cities who are in the process of applying for residency to wear electronic monitoring ankle bracelets 24/7.

These people have never been accused of a crime. There are 1,700 of them to date.

What’s next? Ankle bracelets for all high school students to make sure they don’t skip class?

UPDATE: A friend reminds me of where my snarky remark about tracking high school students came from. Apparently it filtered up from my subconscious memory of reading this story a couple of weeks ago:

Educators in a small Sutter County school district gathered electronic tracking devices from hundreds of elementary and junior high school children Wednesday morning, ending the controversial pilot program that raised concerns over Big Brother-type privacy violations.

At a special meeting the night before, officials from locally based InCom Corp. announced that they were pulling out of an agreement with the Brittan School District near Yuba City that allowed them to test the devices on the students.

The company markets the badges, which have a radio-frequency antenna that is scanned when students pass through specially outfitted doorways, as a tool for taking attendance and monitoring students’ locations.

See? It’s not just immigrants…..