A WEE QUIZ….Shakespeare’s sis asks: “Excluding the Pres & VP, who is your least favorite person in the Bush administration and why?”

OK, so not Cheney. Fine.

How about Tom DeLay? I really, really don’t like Tom DeLay. But he’s a congressman, not a member of the Bush administration.

Rumsfeld? I actually like Rumsfeld in some respects. On a gut level, he doesn’t annoy me nearly as much he does some other people. Frankly, a little arrogance in response to stupid questions is perfectly appropriate sometimes. (Feith, though? Maybe….)

Scott McClellan? Boy is he annoying. On the other hand, the head flack is the head flack. What do you expect from him? Plus it’s a little unfair to choose him since the nature of his job forces him on the public stage so much more than the others. He’s just bound to get knocked around more than anyone else.

There are some good candidates in the economic crew: John Snow, Harvey Rosen Greg Mankiw, and Joshua Bolten, for example, men with a seemingly limitless willingness to utter any bullshit that pops into their heads as long as it furthers their master’s cause.

But no. I think the ones I detest the most on a purely visceral level are the Iran-Contra retreads. And of those, I think I’ll choose almost-but-not-quite Iran-Contra felon Elliot Abrams. He’s got the perfect combination of revolting policy preferences and revolting personal qualities ? a man so clearly unfit for public office that the administration literally hid him from the press during Bush’s first term.

Yeah, that’s my pick: Elliot Abrams. Unless someone can nominate a better choice that’s slipped my mind, that is.

UPDATE: Harvey Rosen is new, so there’s nothing to hate yet. Greg Mankiw is the guy responsible for so much recent economic drivel, but he’s gone now. So who to pick on? I guess Mankiw. We’ll have to wait and see how Rosen does.

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