FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….Many requests for catblogging recently. Who am I to refuse?

As cat lovers all know, cats have favored sleeping spots that they seem to rotate for no apparent reason every few weeks. Inkblot’s favorite place these days is my sock drawer. His usual ploy is to wait until we all get into bed, sneak silently into the bedroom, and then start meowing sorrowfully until I get up to open the drawer so he can jump in ? though he actually prefers it if I pick him up and save him the energy of jumping. I don’t know what it is about this drawer, but he goes into ecstatic spasms of purring and rolling and smooching once he gets in. This is about as close as it gets to cat heaven.

Today’s picture of Jasmine shows her in one her favorite places too (and looking mighty majestic and patriotic, I might add). This is how much of this blog gets written: me typing while trying to peer around Jasmine’s frustratingly opaque body. She can stay there for hours, alternating between making work difficult by sitting in front of the screen and making it impossible by aggressively smooching the mouse. It’s almost like she knows those things are called mice.

Need more catblogging? Elayne has her cats here, apparently caught just prior to destroying her house with their destructo eyes. Trish has nostalgic catblogging here, back when Domino was brand new to the world. Jake Kohlman, who is under the sad misimpression that Atrios started Friday catblogging, shows off his snoozing feline here. (For the real origin of Friday catblogging, see here, here, and here.) And SKB has his usual bird blogging today, which, as we all know, is referred to as “supper blogging” around here….