GHOST DETAINEES….Via TalkLeft, the Washington Post reports that it has obtained documents showing that the CIA and the military were actively involved in hiding “ghost detainees” at Abu Ghraib:

Army Lt. Col. Steven L. Jordan, who was second in command of the intelligence gathering effort at Abu Ghraib while the abuse was occurring, told military investigators that “other government agencies” and a secretive elite task force “routinely brought in detainees for a short period of time” and that the detainees were held without an internment number, and their names were kept off the books.

….An Army major at the prison “suggested an idea of processing them under an assumed name and fingerprinting them,” but Col. Thomas M. Pappas, the top military intelligence officer there, “decided against it.”

These guys didn’t just “fall through the cracks.” Hiding them was deliberate policy.

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