INVESTIGATE DELAY?….In the National Review today, Eric Pfeiffer is pushing yet another round of “advice” for liberals:

If Pelosi continues to push for an investigation of DeLay it will backfire on her and Democrats.

Aw, and no doubt he has the Democrats’ best interests at heart! Pfeiffer’s argument, though, is that Democrats have also been taking the same sort of “paid-for” overseas trips that recently put Tom DeLay in hot water. But if that’s true, then fine, investigate them all! I’m not partisan enough to care if Democrats’ also get burned for breaking House rules. On the other hand, if they do want to think in terms of partisan warfare, Democrats need only think back to 1991, when House Republicans led by Newt Gingrich used a banking mini-scandal?House members were caught overdrawing from their private bank without penalty?to whip up public outrage, even though both parties were eventually found guilty. (Gingrich, it turned out, had 22 bounced checks himself.) The best way to paint yourself as the party of reform, it seems, is not to care where the finger gets pointed.

(And yes, it’s also worth noting that the “power trips” to Korea are hardly Tom DeLay’s only problem?)

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