JORDAN’S PRESS….King Abdullah of Jordan visited President Bush a couple of days ago, and the American media mostly yawned. Abu Aardvark takes the next step and looks overseas:

What about the Jordanian press? I’m paraphrasing here, but it went about like this:

Al Ghad: King has fabulously successful trip to America, Bush loves him
Al Arab al Yom: Fabulously successful trip to America for the King, Bush declares love
Al Dustour: On fabulously successful American trip for King, Bush’s love declared
Al Rai: Fabulously successful trip to White House for popular, handsome, intelligent King; Bush once again declares undying love and devotion

Free press in Jordan, you know.

The Aardvark has more about Abdullah’s visit here. From a democracy promotion standpoint, he’s pretty unimpressed.