COMMIE GIRL….Had a nice lunch this afternoon with OC Weekly’s Commie Girl. Guess what? She thinks I should link to more women!

Well….OK. Here’s her latest column:

Are there times when you wouldn?t want an incapacitated woman?s husband to decide whether she lives or dies? Absolutely: say, if the husband were Newt Gingrich, who, when his wife was in a hospital bed undergoing chemo for cancer, told her he was leaving her and whipped out divorce papers for her to sign. I sure as hell wouldn?t trust Newt around a Do Not Resuscitate order.

But Michael Schiavo?s not that guy, no matter how many times former exterminator DeLay calls him a murderer and a ?medical terrorist.? He lived with her parents for four years, so they could all care for her together; he went to nursing school so he could better care for her; he brought her to California for experimental treatments that didn?t work because Terri?s brain has literally turned to liquid; and then, after almost a dozen years, he decided she would never come back. Her parents flipped, of course (it?s easy to say that everybody dies, but I?m in meltdown right now because my sister wants to move), and filed a suit that?s been litigated 19 times (activist judges), each time with Michael Schiavo prevailing. He?s her husband. Sanctity of marriage, you know.

If you like what you see, bookmark the OC Weekly and go back for more next week. Or read her blog here.

Just goes to show: there really are liberals here in Orange County. Real liberals, not the watered down kind like me. Enjoy.

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