THE OFFICE….So did anyone catch NBC’s version of The Office on Thursday? I’ve never seen the original British version, but tuned in because someone had suggested it was similar in tone to the cult (and Kevin Drum) favorite Office Space. Needless to say, it wasn’t.

Long story short, the American version didn’t do much for me. Unlike Office Space, in which we get parodies of recognizable types, The Office seemed to offer up parodies of parodies, or perhaps parodies of Martians. The characters barely even seemed to be recognizably human, let alone engaging mockeries of people we all feel like we’ve met at some point in real life.

But that’s just me. My question is for people who have seen both series: is it worth renting the British version? Is it different enough and better enough that there’s a chance I’ll like it even though I didn’t like the American remake?

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