EASTER GREETINGS….A couple of random ruminations on Easter. First up is Julie Saltman:

If, like me, you’re not religious (or at least not Christian), Easter has to be the biggest waste of a holiday. Like, what’s the point of having a holiday that falls every year on a Sunday, which ? hullo? ? is already a holiday! OK, true, I dig the chocolate-eating part. I’ll give you that. There was a clear need for a chocolate-oriented holiday in the calendar.

Hear hear! Chocolate Butter Eggs from See’s Candies have always been the traditional Easter chocolate around here ? although I’m pretty sure they’ve mysteriously shrunken over the years, like so many other chocolate treats of our childhood. Since this has happened at the same time that I myself have grown larger, it seems especially unfair.

Next up is Matt Yglesias:

I didn’t know any practicing Christians when I was growing up, which perhaps accounts for the fact that I’m not sure what one is supposed to say on Easter Sunday.

Now that’s a sheltered childhood. Happy Easter, Matt!

UPDATE: More chocolate Easter humor here.

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